The Penguins the migrat to Middle Island just off Warnambool area each yearKids, love them, adults like love them, everybody loves those adorable little penguins. They’re waggish the way they waddle and stunning the way they swim. Did you know they can dive to depths of 70m at 8 Km/hr?

They aren’t just your average penguin either, they are the smallest of all the penguin species, officially making them the cutest off all penguin species. Thankfully, you don’t need travel to travel all the way to battle the harsh climate of Antarctica. You can enjoy their antics at Middle Island, which a very convenient distance from the creature comforts of the Tudor Motor Inn Warrnambool. Besides, it’s worth the short trip just to enjoy the white sandy beaches and picturesque warmth of the lovely Lady Bay.

There is also a fascinating twist to the story. All the penguins nearly disappeared since the introduction of foxes into Australia. That is until a Chicken farmer nicknamed Swampy Marsh saved the day with his world first, award winning, conservation program.

He managed to train two gorgeous Maremma dogs, the sisters Eudy and Tula, to guard the penguins when during breeding season when especially vulnerable! This earned the sisters the prestigious title of “The Guardians of Middle Island”, something not even the hobbits in Lord of the Rings were bestowed with!

The program was so successful, in 2015 a multi-million-dollar feature film named Oddball, starring Shane Jacobson was enjoyed by audiences all around the world.

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